Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am Pregnant!!

Woohoo...good news for all! I am pregnant again! Soooo happy that my wish for dragon baby comes true!

I am now 22 weeks preg! Expected due to be on 22 Sep 2012. Have done my detailed scan back on 20th week and the process is smooth..after scanning, it shows is a GIRL!! I am sooooo happy....now i'm having a boy & a girl...bingo! ^v^

Nevertheless my pregnancy process is not as easy as my first pregnancy when i carried Ethan.. My first trimester is very weak. I have morning sickness every day and keep vomiting every morning. I even vomit at times till now when i'm 5 months preg...I have fell sick too, making me much more weaker... I have weird taste to food and SUPER sensitive to smells, esp cooking of food. It's a torture to go near food court and even at home while my mum is cooking. Till now i still sensitive....oh my..is 2nd tri! Many preggy at this stage is 'honeymoon' but me?! Still suffering but slightly better than 1st tri only.

My detailed scan shows that i have low placenta..and i have spotting last thursday in office..is fresh blood! I'm so scare & rushed to visit my gynae at Thomson Medical. He told me is due to my low placenta that leads to vaginal bleeding..need more bed rest...I have been home for a few days...no more spotting. I hope my baby is safe and sound inside me. I love you, baby..

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm back...

Have not post for 1 year plus...even stopped my partial update of Korean trip..how time flies....been busy with work and family...not forgeting my mega project in 2011,that is Move House...It took me almost 9 months to complete this task...from HLE, viewing more than 50 houses, HDB completion to renovation...is fun & tiring process..not easy indeed!

Move from queenstown to toa payoh...still centralise area..from 4 room to 5 room..low floor to high floor...very satisfied..On top of that, i have unlimited choices for food and much more shops to hang around in my new neighbourhood..

I have stayed in my new home for almost 3 months..simply love it...windy, spacious & beautiful unblock view. This is the night view from my window...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My 7th day in Korea...

Good morning..this is our seventh day in korean..here i am at the winter sonata restaurant!

V nice ambience..

So romantic...loving couple in the show..

Kimchi making session! Hands on to make our kimchi..fun!!

Korean mum & daughter..

Korean lovely couple...hee hee..

Together with my son..now become Happy Korean family!!

Mock version of Da Chang Jin..ho ho ho!

We have reached Everland!

Wow! What a nice theme park...

Let's start our journey into the land of dreams...

Even the tree is amazing...

Ethan was keen to explore what's in the tree!

Woohoo..this cartoon character is soooooo cute!

Cartoon underwater world...

Lovely sea shell...look at ethan's expression..the sun is too glaring for my little boy!


The tigers are so far away...

The weather is VERY HOT..so tempted to jump into the waterfall to cool myself...

Polar bear!! so huggable...

Dunno what are they..but they r real cute...my fav of the day!

Seal?? i think so...

I'm getting wet standing under this water splashing octopus!!

Different types of rides, games & animal shows..

Goodbye Everland!

Evening time..here's the start of the popular Shopping street! Yay! Super excited!

Shopping with mummy...

Shopping time!!


Long long icecream! Slurp!

Here my dinner! Abalone porridge...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Korean Family Trip in Aug 2010 - last day

Last day in korea..outside the tourist tibits shop..we r waiting for the rest to finish thir last bust of shopping power in korea before we head towards the airport! ;)

Wow! Nice figurines @ the cultural shop @ airport..

Performance time! Woohoo...impressed!

This fan is coloured by me!!

Pretty korean shop assistant at the airport...

Korean newspaper.....

In the plane back to Spore....home sweet home!! We missed s'pore!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ethan's 1st lesson at Zoo-Phonics

Ethan is now 2 years old & 3 months old..time flies!! I have not been blogging for a while since i have been working...not easy indeed...

We have bring our Ethan to his 1st school, Zoo-phonics in Nov 2010...finally!

This is a once a week course for toddler..we signed up for him to attend every sat. Hopefully he will enjoy & learn with games!

He is engrossed in his teacher's story telling....haha..

Is he trying to listen to what the teacher is teaching?

He starts to make frenz too!

This is my little ethan's first ART piece...with his mummy's HELP of course..wahaha!

Here's the art workplace in the class..

Daddy is helping ethan in his second piece of Art work! Soooo...sweet!

Mummy also joined in to help! Is really fun!!

Teacher is very encouraging too!

Here's the second ART piece done by Ethan! Clap clap!

Class ends lo..time to say goodbye to teacher & frenz..my son seems v reluctant indeed...oh no...

Dun worry ethan..u'll be back next sat again k...bye bye!!